Qualities of a “Real Hero”

A person that comes to mind who I think is a “Real Hero” would be a police man or a firefighter. I think they have many heroic type qualitities. Everyday they go out and do their best to protect our cities and towns. They don’t know they friend they may lose on the job or what family they have to watch whose house is getting burnt to the ground. Everyday they risk their lives, but why? They go out and do what they do everyday because they know that they are always helping people and that they are doing the right thing everyday of their life. Although you may have to watch one family’s house get burned to the ground, you will always have the chance to regain another families hope by being able to save their home. At the end of the day, when you save someones life or job or whatever the case may be, the satisfaction that you have just helped another innocent person makes it all worth while in the end.

My Voting Qualifications

I believe that the only qualification that we should have for voting is that you must have experienced an event in order to vote for it. So say the president wants to avoid war and you are for that. If you haven’t experienced war, then you shouldn’t be able to vote for it. If you have, then you already know what it is like and how it makes you feel. Some people may like it and others may not. However, they are the only ones qualified to make a war decision because they know more about it than someone who has only read books about it. They don’t have first hand knowledge about it’s effects and may have heard things from bias sources. This is why I think you need to have experienced an event in order to vote for it.

What Is The Most Dangerous Question You Can Ask?

I think the most dangerous question you can ask somebody is, “What are all of your regrets in life and would you go back and redo those moments?” I feel that this is so important because now, people can really think of all the things that happened in their life. All of your most regretful moments could be relived and your life could be almost perfect. But then on the other side, why would you want to live your life again? You would have to relive maybe the hardships or maybe if you never made mistakes, wouldn’t that shape how you were as a person today? This topic just seems like a very dangerous topic and can bring up some moments that maybe you didn’t know about a person. What do you think the most dangerous question is?

Ten Things To Do Before I Die

Ryan tagged me.

1. Play for a good European soccer club (like AC Milan or Manchester United. I know most of you have no idea what that is)

2. Go on a safari in Africa so I can check out all the sweet lil creatures and wildlife down there. I hear its really cool.

3. I would like to visit Australia, Phillipines, Greece, Italy, UK, Brazil, and maybe a few other countries that I can’t think of off the top of my head.

4. Be able to remember a dream every once in a while.

5. Lead the Phillipines to their first appearance and first World Cup victory(It’s a high goal but I aim high anyway so even if I miss short I still land somewhere good).

6. Skydive.

7. Visit the wonders of the world.

8. Don’t live too long (I don’t see the point if you can’t run around and have fun)

9. See the day where the world is at total peace even for just a moment.

10. Figure out what happens after I die…before it happens.


So this week, I was told by my teacher that he would make us famous if we could make a video or speech that said one thing when you read it forward and another thing when you read it backward. Now I’m not gonna lie, that video was amaaazing so when he said all we had to do was make a good one I thought ok…I will be famous. That’s all I thought. As I was writing the speech which I thought would make me famous I thought to myself…”Alex, why are you gonna waiste your time trying to figure out the secret to something that someone else has already made, when you could start something new and do something your way?” So the more I wandered on this question the less I wanted to make something like the video I saw so I didn’t. Plus, being famous for pretty much copying off someone’s idea and putting it into my words doesnt really fly with me too much after I thought about it. I’d rather be stubborn and find my own way. So the main point, I ask you this…would you want to become famous? And if so, would you want to have done it your own way, or just have slightly edited something old?

Trail Of Tears Perspective Post

Little boy on slide 5.

I’m so confused. My mother keeps saying it is ok. Everything is fine. I know it is not fine. We have been walking for what seems like ages and men and women have been weeping throughout our vast journey. I still haven’t a clue on the situation. I have no grasp on what is to come or why we left. All I know is that as we travel through winter, we grow weak. And as we travel through other tribes lands, they question and hurt us. But I do not know why. I think it was the white men on their four legged creatures. They came and we left. Just like that. Now, we wander and life is more difficult for the old ones. I only walk with them and am curious of what they know. I hope we will be alright but i know that many of us have died, however, my parents say that the spirit of the wolf watches over us and that the wolf is a guide. The spirit of the wolf will give our family wisdom by teaching us ways to survive and will guide us away from danger. I hope she is right but for now, we will just have to wait. I’m so confused.

If My Name Was A Verb

If “Hugh” was a verb I doubt it would be something very exciting. I think it would be said to a friend like this: “Hey hold on before we go lemme hugh my toe” or “Why is everyone hughing around lets go out and do something”. It wouldn’t want it to be anything fun for some reason just make it a popular everyday verb. What would yours mean?

What is Democracy?

To me a democracy is people in a nation that all have an equal say in any and all decisions they wish to share their opinion in. All the power is shared throughout the entire population giving everyone equal opportunities making things serene among the people of the nation so no one should feel of greater or lesser importance.

Do You Define a Person by Their Actions or Their Intentions?

I believe that what we do is different than what we should do and how we judge people is no different. What I DO is judge people by their actions. Should I? I don’t know but that’s just what I do and how I feel is that your intentions could be the best they possibly could be but if they don’t carry out their plan as intended then everything can go wrong and millions of people could die. I don’t remember people by what they were trying to do I remember them by how they went through with their ideas whether it be in a positive or negative way. If your intentions were good and came out bad, then your intentions won’t take back all the people that you hurt. Intentions can always be altered by incoming actions and actions will always effect your intentions. Actions are concrete fact and there is no taking them back which is why I judge people by their actions.